Compressors Siemens Delivers Compressor Trains for Asian Air Separation Plants

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Siemens recieves major order from Asia: The company will deliver a total of eighteen compressor trains for oxygen production sites in India and Inner Mongolia. The order volume is in the three digit million Euro range...

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Supersize me: The picture shows a Siemens geared compressor for air separation
Supersize me: The picture shows a Siemens geared compressor for air separation
(Picture: Siemens)

Vadodara/India – Siemens has won major orders for three air separation plants in India and Inner Mongolia from gas specialist Linde's engineering department. total of ten compressor trains for one plant as well as three compressors for air and two for nitrogen for a second plant are to be installed in India. Linde Engineering Hangzhou has also ordered three identical compressor trains from Siemens for an air separation plant in Inner Mongolia. The total volume for all three orders comes about EUR 180 million.

The ten compressor trains for India each comprise an integrally geared compressor for main air, a high-pressure integrally geared compressor serving as booster air compressor and a common steamturbine drive. The scope of supply also includes mechanical and performance testing at the Mega Testcenter in Duisburg, Germany while the auxiliary support will be extended by Siemens Oil and Gas factory in Vadodara, India. The additional three air compressors and the two nitrogen compressor are also integrally geared type compressors but driven by electric motors.

Machines Will be Among the Largest Air Compressors in the World

The air separation plant in Inner Mongolia will supply oxygen to a coal liquefaction plant of the Yitai Group. Serving as air compressor in each train is an STC-SR series axial-radial compressor that features an intake volume of over 720,000 cubic meters of air per hour. Each train is equipped with a six-stage integrally geared turbocompressor as high-pressure compressor, and a Model SST-600 steam turbine as drive unit. The compressor trains will be handed over to the customer starting in summer 2014.

“These major orders demonstrate that we rank among the leading vendors worldwide in the compressor business,” notes Lennart Nilsson, CEO of the Compression Business Unit at Siemens’ Energy Sector. “The order from India for ten compressor trains counts among the largest individual orders of its kind in this market. Once the machines in Inner Mongolia have been commissioned, these units will rank amongst the largest air compressors in operation in the world.”

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