Voltage Supply Short Circuit Proof Repeater

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The short-circuit-proof BL 560 repeater power supply from Knick’s Basic Line series is an equally reliable and cost-efficient solution for voltage supply and signal decoupling of the much-used two-wire sensors in safe areas.

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The short-circuit-proof BL 560 repeater from Knick’s BasicLine series
The short-circuit-proof BL 560 repeater from Knick’s BasicLine series
(Picture: Knick)

Providing a 16.5 V feed voltage, the device is suitable for most industry-standard loop-powered transmitters or two-wire sensors. The galvanically isolated active current output supports a maximum load of 500 ohm at 20 mA. With the power supply also galvanically isolated, there are no problems caused by channel-to-channel coupling through the power supply. The BL 560 is CE-compliant and UL-certified. Knick provides a three-year warranty for the device. Strictly concentrating on basic functions, leaving all extras aside, Knick has tailored the Basic Line devices to mechanical engineering companies that need precise and reliable yet cost-optimized isolators for large-scale applications.

BasicLine comprises transducers for all major control cabinet requirements: current, voltage, or temperature measurement, conversion of standard signals or measured values, signal isolation, and set-point monitoring. This comprehensive product range has various benefits for customers: consistent documentation of specifications and certifications, and a competent, reliable partner for all requirements involved in installation and operation. ACHEMA: Hall 11.1/Stand A45