Mauritania: Offshore Exploration Shell Signs Contract with Government of Mauritania for Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons

Editor: Alexander Stark

Shell signed two Production Sharing Contracts with the government of Mauritania for the exploration and potential future production of hydrocarbons in the offshore blocks C-10 and C-19.

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Shell secures exploration acreage offshore Mauritania
Shell secures exploration acreage offshore Mauritania
(Source: Ken Smith/ Shell)

London/UK — This move represents Shell’s entry into the West African Atlantic Margin exploration basin, which has significant potential. The Mauritanian Minister of Oil, Energy and Mining, Mohamed Ould Abdel Vetah, said that the company’s new entry in the Mauritania offshore area represented an important added value to the exploration activities and would contribute to maintain the momentum for developing the energy sector in Mauritania.

Following the customary government approvals of the contracts, Shell will set up an office in Nouakchott and begin exploration activities, starting with reprocessing and analysis of existing seismic data and acquisition of new data.

The company will operate the exploration programme with a 90 % interest. Société Mauritanienne des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier, the national oil company of Mauritania, holds a 10 % interest.

Additionally, Shell and the government of Mauritania have agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly evaluate further offshore exploration opportunities, examine new ways of meeting the country’s domestic energy needs, and build capability in the energy sector.


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