Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum 2014 Sharing the World's Largest Pharmaceutical Engineering Concept

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Presenting the three major factors for success in pharmaceutical engineering: The 6th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2014 was successfully held in Nanjing.

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Meeting site of The 6th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2014
Meeting site of The 6th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2014
(Picture: PROCESS China)

On June 12-13, 2014, Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2014 organized by Vogel Media Group and PROCESS magazine was successfully held in Nanjing Jiangning Exhibition Center. Since the forum was held in 2009 for the first time, Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum has been successfully held for five sessions in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, has attracted widespread attention and recognition of the industry.

Experts from drug regulatory agencies, large domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises, famous engineering companies and pharmaceutical production solution suppliers made wonderful speeches in the forum, shared the world’s latest pharmaceutical engineering concept, advanced process technology and drug production quality management experience with more than 380 attending guests.

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Three Major Factors for Pharmaceutical Success

Under the continuous drive of three major factors (“The 12th Five-Year Plan” policy support, pharmaceutical market consumption upgrade, ever-increasing aging of population structure), Chinese pharmaceutical industry has entered into high-speed development golden period. With the implementation of new version of GMP((revised in 2010)), newly-built and reconstruction demand for lots of pharmaceutical projects promotes the vigorous development of Chinese pharmaceutical engineering field, and expedites a series of service enterprises relevant to engineering.

Vogel Media Group is always devoted to spreading the information of “strong and prosperous Chinese manufacturing industry” globally, pharmaceutical industry is also so. Comparing with the advanced countries, overall level of current Chinese pharmaceutical engineering field is still on the low side; Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum is aimed at building a face-to-face communication platform of government agencies, engineering companies, process equipment suppliers and pharmaceutical enterprises, meeting the urgent demand of industry peers for advanced pharmaceutical engineering technology, jointly promoting the overall level upgrading of local pharmaceutical industry and international technical communication.

A Premiere in Shanghai

The forum was held in Nanjing for the first time in 2014 and increased one partner, Nanjing Jiangning Hi-Tech Park. Through the cooperation with Nanjing Jiangning Hi-Tech Park, PROCESS better gives play to the advantages of professional media, integrates all aspects of resources, serves the pharmaceutical industry, and promotes the international process of Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

The forum is divided into four sub-forums, aseptic and biological preparations, solid preparations and active pharmaceutical ingredients, IT solutions and automation, traditional Chinese medicine; from the angles of different types of pharmaceuticals production process, fully explain the project design, construction, operation and verification to specific production process optimization, quality control and other contents of sterile preparations, solid preparations, biological preparations pharmaceutical factory.

Different Perspectives on Pharmaceutical Engineering

Main forum invited Ms. Jiao Lingli, deputy director of Center for Drug Certification and Evaluation, Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration, introduced new version of GMP certification, particularly relevant situation of solid preparations field, summarized and analyzed the focus of attention and problems discovered in the process of current GMP review, answered the questions of audiences.

Experts from Tianjin Smith Kline &French Laboratories Ltd., Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Tasly Group, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. and other domestic and overseas pharmaceutical enterprises shared the successful experience, conducted interactive communication with field audiences. In addition, technical experts from Fette (Nanjing) Compacting Machinery Co., Ltd., Romaco Group, Pall Corporation, Shanghai Tofflon Science and Technology Co., Ltd., BioStar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Pharm-Tech (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Vaisala and other excellent process equipment supply enterprises conducted the communication surrounded by engineering construction, process optimization, production technology improvement and other aspects of contents, on-site interactive discussion has a warm atmosphere, the forum also set up the product display area in the same period for making a concentrated display of the latest products and technologies of pharmaceutical industry.

Insights at Nanjing Jiangning National Hi-Tech Industrial Park

In the afternoon of June 13, 2014, after completing one-and-a-half-day meeting, the organizer organized about 100 attending audiences to take the special car going to Nanjing Jiangning National Hi-Tech Industrial Park; under the leadership of the staff, they visited GenScript (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Life Science & Technology Innovation Park and Fette (Nanjing) Compacting Machinery Co., Ltd. in the park. Through the activity, the audiences knew in detail Jiangning Hi-tech Park and settled enterprises, created meticulous and in-depth communication with the industry peers.