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India: Oil and Gas
Everything you Need to Know About the 40 Billion Dollar Ratnagiri Refinery Project
The India-based project is expected to process 1.2 million barrels of crude oil per day and will produce a range of refined petroleum as well as petrochemical products. Expected to be commissioned in 2022, the project aims to meet India’s fast-growing fuels and petrochemicals demand. Read more about the engineering mega project in the article. more
Spain: Regasification
Cost-Effective Configuration of Hybrid Terminals
Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company (AG&P) has launched two proprietary regasification technologies in its range of LNG import terminal solutions. more
Saudi Arabia: Industry 4.0
Saudi Aramco Signs MOU with Schneider Electric
The agreement will focus on solutions for the fourth industrial revolution and has been signed under the Digital Transformation Programme led by Saudi Aramco’s Technical Services. more
Germany: Biochemical Engineering
Simplification of Biocatalytic Processes in Industrial Applications
A new project at Jacobs University is set to drastically simplify the application and implementation of biocatalytic processes in industrial practice. more
Germany: Market Study
TPE Production Dominated by Asian Manufacturers
Demand for TPE is strongly focused on the largest economic powers: Currently, processors in China, the USA, Japan, and Germany combined account for about two thirds of global demand, Ceresana says in a study. more
Serialization and Track & Trace
Pack to the Future: Serialization Made Simple
Learn how Antares Vision kickstarted the packaging industry into the future — Health and safety: Two small words that mean everything to a company like Antares Vision. They are the leader in the pharmaceutical market, which is now ten years ahead of other industries in terms of regulatory tracking requirements. more
France: Joint Venture
Arkema and Barray to Jointly Offer High Performance Composite Solutions
Barrday and Arkema have created a joint venture to manufacture and market carbon fiber and specialty polymer tapes for the growing oil and gas industrial market. more
Germany: Multi-Purpose Silicones
Evonik to Expand Geesthacht Facility
Evonik is investing a double-digit million dollar amount in the construction of a new multi-purpose facility at its Geesthacht location in Northern Germany, 30 km outside the city of Hamburg. more
Switzerland: Strategy Review
Nestlé Confirms Strategy for Nutrition, Health and Wellness Businesses
As part of its regular strategy review earlier this year, Nestlé assessed its Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. The board fully confirmed the company's strategic direction and resolved to sharpen its focus on food, beverage and nutritional health products. more
Energy 2040: These Trends Define Tomorrow‘s Markets
From natural gas to new markets: The global energy markets are shifting - and things that seemed certain only a decade ago are changing and transforming rapidly. The low crude price, natural gas from shale resources and renewable energy - the revolution is now! more
Germany: 3D Printing
Wacker to Inaugurate US-based Printing Lab by Year End
The facility will be set up to expand the company’s Aceo 3D printing services for silicone rubber and also serve the growing demand for additive manufacturing solutions in North America. more
Blackmer: Gas Compressors in LNG Recovery
Turning Lost Vapors into Found Money
Don’t let your money go up into the ear: Each year, huge ammounts of LNG are lost as vapors due to pump or compressor technology limitations. But there is a chance to do better… more
Japan: Bismuth Sulfide
Non-Toxic and Efficient Films for Solar Cells
Researchers at Osaka University have developed a two-step process that can produce materials for optoelectronic devices such as solar cells with good morphological properties and excellent photoresistor performance. The films are based on bismuth sulfide which is non-toxic.
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