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World: Sustainability
Major Global Alliance Contributes Over 1 Billion Dollars to End Plastic Waste
Some of the leading companies around the globe are associated with this alliance and together they are keen to eliminate the serious issue of plastic waste which is affecting the environment across the globe. more
Safety & Measurement
Point Level Switch Offers Reliability
Ametek Drexelbrook has expanded its point level offering with a fully certified SIL2 safety point level switch. This switch provides highly reliable overfill protection, specifically designed for applications in which there is a high cost of failure, states the company. more
Signs and Labels
More Efficiency with Clear Maintenance Visuals
Plant maintenance operations are a necessity to maintain and secure production capacity. They usually imply a temporary reduction in production output which makes maintenance efficiency an important factor in many industries. With reliable signs and labels, and on-site design and printing capabilities, BradyCorporation offers a solution that can significantly increase the efficiency of maintenance operations. more
Push-in Fittings
Improving Safety of the Sealing Systems
Eisele’s Inoxline stainless steel push-in fittings has been developed a step further. Optimisation of the sealing system eliminates gaps or grooves in the tube. more
Protection and Safety
Gas-Powered Dust Extractor
Removing hazardous dust on an industrial scale has been made easier with the high performance, gas-powered dust extractor. Dustcontrol, UK’s new and innovative propane-driven DC Storm LPG can last up to eight hours and does not require any cables, making it ideal for environments with a limited supply of electricity. more
Saudi Arabia: Safety
Saudi Aramco, Raytheon to Establish JV Company for Cyber Security
The new joint venture firm will offer superior cyber security services in the region and also support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by creating highly skilled jobs for the locals. more
Germany: Research and Innovation
Max Planck Institute Develops New Manganese Catalyst to Reduce CO2
With this new catalyst, the institute has proven that catalysts found on earth that are abundant, cheap, and benign metals such as iron or manganese can be considered as possible alternatives for challenging reduction reactions. more
The Netherlands: Chemical Safety and Protection
Cefic Announces Winners for European Responsible Care 2018
The winners have been awarded for their innovative projects that focus on improving health, safety and environmental standards in the chemical industry. Spearheaded by Cefic, the industry council aims to advance the Responsible Care programme in Europe. more
Aseptic Beverage Bottling
Gea‘s ABF Technology Receives FDA Clearance
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded Gea a letter of no objection (Lono) for its ABF 1.2 technology, an integrated blowing, filling and capping solution featuring a fully aseptic rotary blowing machine. It is the only system equipped with a 100 % aseptic blower that is allowed to produce shelf-stable low acid (LA) beverages free from preservatives for distribution at ambient temperature in the US market. more
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