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China: Process Safety
Dekra Launches Chemical Reaction Hazard Laboratory
The new laboratory will comprise state-of-the-art laboratory technology along with specialist capabilities in chemical process hazard assessment. more
Explosion Protection
Explosion Protection in Asia: Safety Can be a Matter of Mindset
Sensitizing the Asian market in safety matters — Better safe than sorry: Asia is the undisputed powerhouse of the global process industries. Its products and newly constructed world-scale chemical parks are more than a match for the international competition. But what about the safety issues? In fact, most companies’ need for services and maintenance works are growing at a stretch and are thus in need of a little help — and encouragement — in that very field, as experts say... more
Germany: Maintenance Inspections
Oxea’s Oberhausen Plant Undertakes Planned Turnaround
The plant will remain closed for about four weeks and the firm intends to use this time for modernising its plant and removing production bottlenecks. more
Electrical Temperature Measurement
Spoilt for Choice: How to Select the Right Measuring Spot?
Criteria for selecting the most suitable electrical temperature measuring point. — The temperature is one of the most important measured variables of a process medium and is predominantly monitored with electrical thermometers. But as simple as the task sounds, know-how is required when choosing the right sensor. We will give you some helpful tips. more
Valves & Fittings
Turn up! Upswing Ahead for Valves and Fittings
Fittings, faucets, drives and apps: Whetting the appetite for Achema 2018 at last year’s Diam. Not only did industrial fittings fair Diam record an exhibitor record of over 2000 experts, it also set new trends with the DDM seal fair. Fact is: manufacturers are getting fit for the digital age. more
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