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Special Centrifugal Pumps
Toxic, Caustic, Harmful? No Problem for these Special Centrifugal Pumps!
For decades, intrinsically safe pumps have been known as a problem-solver — as a result, this is also true for the centrifugal pump manufacturer Bungartz with its permanently safe pump performances. Numerous — even unusual — examples from the chemical industry and related areas verify this statement. A globally active company is only one example of those benefiting from the extensive experience the pump experts bring to the table. Due to a change implemented by a supplier, the company is reliant on a reliable pump solution for its production process. more
Achema 2018
Connect at Achema 2018: Net-Working for the Future of Chemicals
The growth factor: Achema 2018 becomes connected — The process industry sets course for the future: Achema 2018 offers much more than "just" chemistry with the combination of the value-added chains, the laboratory of the future and the new pharmaceutical logistics hotspot. more
Screw Pumps/Tank Storage
To the Last Drop – How Pumps Can Become Efficiency–Enablers for Tank Farms
How screw pumps strip out even highly viscous media – When emptying an oil or fuel tank (a process refferd to as stripping), quite often residual product of the highly viscous media is left behind. But does it have to be that way? Pumps with excellent intake at low NPSHr values can in fact completely empty tanks – even of crude oil and bitumen. And one technology in particular outperforms the rest... more
Sweden: Biotechnology
Harnessing Capillary Flow for New Pump Design
A team of researchers from Swedish KTH have found a way to fully control capillary action, and they’ve designed a device that harnesses it for possible use in biotech applications such as biomolecular analysis and body fluid handling. more
Germany: Pneumatic Systems
Triton to Sell Aventics to Emerson
Triton announced its intention to sell the pneumatic components and systems producer Aventics to Emerson. According to the company, there has been an agreement on terms with Emerson and the regulatory approval process is now underway. more
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