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Safe and Sound Without O-Rings
Optimized combination of modular valve block solutions and durably reliable sealing with sealing method free from O-rings. more
Germany: Heat Pumps
Climate-Friendly Propane Heat Pumps
Fraunhofer researchers have now contributed to the development of a heat pump that uses propane instead of harmful fluorinated greenhouse gases. The pump is both more climate-friendly and more efficient, the scientists claim. more
Case study
How EPCs Optimize the Selection of a Closed Drain Drum Pump
A National Oil Company (NOC) in Africa planned a massive new inlet separation and boosting facility in a mature natural gas field. The plant’s function is to take fluids from the existing gathering system and boost their pressure at the inlet of the existing gas and liquid processing facilities. This infrastructure compresses gas for commercial sale. more
Dosing Pump
Dosing Done Differently: Pump Efficiency is Energy Efficiency
A new dosage pump solution offers more than just lower life-cycle costs — Pump efficiency is energy efficiency. But do you have to sacrifice dosing accuracy for energy saving? As power consumption becomes a premier cost factor for pumps, one should consider alternative technologies. more
Filtration/Reducing Iron Particles
Reducing Iron Fragment Contamination: Discover the Filtration Solution That Takes the Heat
How to reduce contamination from iron fragments, sand, and mineral particles in recycled cooling water — Production downtime tears a hole in manufacturers pockets. Preventing interruptions is therefore a main topic on the agenda of each production manager. Read in this article how the right filtration solution could reduce contamination in recycled cooling water and protect from system shut-downs and production loss. more
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