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Germany: Powder & Bulk Solids Event
Powtech Introduces New ‘Networking Campus’ Segment
The popular show is all set to launch its ‘Networking Campus’ in 2019. The new platform will enable budding professionals to communicate their innovative ideas and technologies for the benefit of the future powder and bulk solids industry. more
Grinding Technology
There is no alternative to testing when it comes to grinding new products
The mills used to manufacture pharmaceuticals are becoming increasingly diverse: New requirements are demanding optimised processes and innovative approaches. But the sums all have to add up in the end despite all the technical possibilities. more


The VigiFLAP is a non-return valve designed to prevent overpressure or flame caused by a downstream explosion (dust collectors, flters, cyclones...) to propagate in the piping system. The valve is held open by a lever arm. It can be used both at the entrance and at the exit of the filter. This allows to isolate the filter of an explosion or an overpressure. In case of explosion, the valve closes and remains locked preventing the passage of the flame. Available June 2019. more...
Vacuum Contact Dryer
Efficient Drying of Bulk Materials in Inclined Position
Gentle and efficient mixing and drying of humid solids with different free-flowing behaviour and densities were the main consideration in the design of the conical vacuum contact dryer CD of IKA. more
India: Powder and Bulk Solids Expo
Powering Ahead with Powtech India 2018
Catering to diverse industries, the show exhibited unique solutions from India, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. In today’s market, industry players are positive about the development of the niche powder and bulk solids segment. more
IoT Solution
New Platform Visualizes the Status of all Machines
Schenck Process has launched a new platform to visualize the status of all machines, no matter if it is Schenck Process- or any other equipment. more
R&D/Lab Scale Drying
There‘s no Substitute for Testing
Even in times of increasing digitalized simulations, trials in lab-scale dimensions are a necessity for verified quality assurance and the new development or optimization of compounds, active ingredients and production procedures. more
Pellet Feeders
Fast Changeovers and Quick Cleaning
Concentrate on the essentials: that was the key idea behind Brabender's new DS line of pellet feeders. The new product line is being launched in four sizes. Pellets are typically a simple material and can be fed using spiral screws requiring no additional agitation, the development team could focus on a design with only a few easily accessible components, making it easy to handle. more
Dynamic Technologies
Powder Testing Developments
Freeman Technology will be exhibiting at Powtech in Nuremberg, Germany. Now part of the Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, the company will be showcasing their material characterisation solutions designed to optimise process performance, increase productivity and improve quality in a diverse range of sectors. more
Packaging as a Key Factor of Success
Haver & Boecker picks up on market trends and puts new demands on containers in order to conserve resources. more
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