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3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing
Chemicals, Hot off the Printer: Additive Manufacturing in Chemicals and Pharma
What has advent of additive manufacturing in store for the process industry? – The 3D-printer becomes a gamechanger: While some companies set themselves apart by using customized materials or dream of the pill out of the printer, others fear the impending marginalization of the chemical industry. Gold rush or hangover? An industry is looking for answers between polymer filaments, prototypes and printed pills. more
Filtration/Reducing Iron Particles
Reducing Iron Fragment Contamination: Discover the Filtration Solution That Takes the Heat
How to reduce contamination from iron fragments, sand, and mineral particles in recycled cooling water — Production downtime tears a hole in manufacturers pockets. Preventing interruptions is therefore a main topic on the agenda of each production manager. Read in this article how the right filtration solution could reduce contamination in recycled cooling water and protect from system shut-downs and production loss. more
China: Fumed Silica Production
Evonik and Wynca Form JV for Production of Fumed Silica
Evonik Industries and the Chinese company Wynca have agreed to form a joint venture. The new company, in which Evonik will hold 60 %, will produce fumed silica. The product is used in transparent silicones, coatings and paints, modern adhesives as well as non-combustible high-performance insulation materials. more
A new Dimension of Drying, Completely Without Friction
Developing Planex System Italvacuum has invented a zero friction planetary movement eccentric agitator, which defines drying new — Designed to dry wet feed from filtration and centrifuging processes the vacuum dryer is ideal for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and intermediates. more
Smarter Drying and Equipment Management
Drying and Equipment Management? Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Allgaier has debuted two new products at Achema. First, the company introduced an energy-efficient indirectly heated contact dryer, the CD Dryer, where wet material is fed over an assembly of rotating disks, which are internally heated using saturated steam. more
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