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Fluidized Bed and Spouted Bed Technologies
How to Ensure Functions and Protect Valuable Ingredients
The SEPAWA congress has become a central event for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfume industries. The plant manufacturer Glatt Ingenieurtechnik presented solutions for processing, protecting and refining cleansing substances, stabilizers, enzymes, polymers, scent, flavoring and other active ingredients. more
Dust Collector
How to Maintain Your Dust Collector in Top Shape
An underperforming dust collector is often the result of very high dust loading, ineffective cleaning, or a combination of the two. Left unchecked, these problems can result in unplanned downtime and increased operating costs. So, while this is not necessarily an exhaustive rollout of potential issues, listed below you will find a handy checklist of measures you and your staff can take to avoid costly shutdowns and frequent filter changes. more
Steam Sterilization
Increase the Value of Spices by Gentle Steam Sterilization
The color, smell and taste — what would cuisine be without spices? Presumably bland. But how could producers extend the shelf-life without compromising the magic of spices? Ava has found a way. more
South Korea: Polymer Powders
Wacker Expands Production Plant in South Korea
Wacker Chemie is expanding its existing production plants for dispersions and dispersible polymer powders in South Korea. The Group is building a new spray dryer for dispersible polymer powders at its Ulsan site, which will have a total capacity of 80,000 metric tons per year. more
Fast, Tough and Wear Resistant with Minimal Material Degradation
When the going gets tough: The new model 700-THX-50-ARI Rotary Batch Mixer from Munson Machinery blends abrasive materials such as concrete, premix, mortar mix, glass/cullet, fibreglass, refractories, tungsten powder and ceramics, in one to three minutes with minimised abrasive wear or product degradation. more
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