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A Guide to Configuring Portable Mixers
Dos and Don’ts of Mixer Selection
Pumps may grab the headlines in industrial applications, but mixers are the leading technology for many critical mixing and blending tasks, provided they are configured and utilized properly. more
Ash Disposal in Power Plants
From the Ashes: How to Deal With Ashes in Power Plants?
Transportation and disposal of ash in thermal power station burning high sulphur coal — Coal is the primary fuel for a thermal power plant. Few power plants burn imported coal and pet coke which contains higher quantity of sulfur. While burning this type of fuel, lime will be injected to absorb the sulfur dioxide liberated while burning the coal in order to reduce the quantity of sulfur dioxide emitted in to the atmosphere along with the flue gas. The ash generated contains Calcium sulfate and unburnt CaO. more
3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing
Chemicals, Hot off the Printer: Additive Manufacturing in Chemicals and Pharma
What has advent of additive manufacturing in store for the process industry? – The 3D-printer becomes a gamechanger: While some companies set themselves apart by using customized materials or dream of the pill out of the printer, others fear the impending marginalization of the chemical industry. Gold rush or hangover? An industry is looking for answers between polymer filaments, prototypes and printed pills. more
Ploughshare Batch Mixer
Food-Safe Mixing Solution
The Ploughshare batch mixer FKM 2000 is constructed in accordance with the current international regulations for food-grade hygienic design. more
Powder Processing
New Mill makes grinding more flexible
At Achema, the company has introduced the new crusher Rubato: a high-capacity mill from coarse to fine grinding. more
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