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Stay in control: Plant automation is one of the most exciting aspects of the process industry. Be it the ‘Internet of Things’, Wireless communication or intelligent devices – automation is the enabler of process plants. Our Control & Automation newsletter keeps you updated with technologies, products and exciting case studies from oil & gas, petrochemicals to chemicals as well as pharma and food.
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Modular Engineering, Skids and Package Units
Trends and Facts in Modular Plant Engineering
Skids, package units and flexible modules: The trends and facts in modular plant engineering – Flexible like a construction kit and powerful like a made-to-measure system: Modularisation has the potential to herald in a new era of plant construction. However, on the way there, there are not only technical hurdles to overcome — definitions are also being fought over. An status-report between PED, process skids and MTP. more
System Control
Robust Pressure Switches
Variohm Eurosensor has launched a new range of robust diaphragm-type pressure switches aimed at demanding HVAC and industrial processes for air, water, hydraulic fluid and other oil mediums in measuring ranges from 0.3 to 10 bar. more
Eisele Pneumatics
High-Quality Connection Technology
From April 23 to 27, 2018 Eisele will exhibit at Hannover Messe for the first time. The company will focus on the new rotary connector as well as coolant connections for applications in power electronics and electrical engineering. With the Multiline E, the firm will also present a unique modular kit system for individually configurable multiple and multi-media connectors. more
Chlorine Sensor
Highly Accurate Free Chlorine Measurement Performance
Designed with polarographic technology, the FC80 Free Chlorine Sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices eliminates the need for expensive reagents while providing highly accurate free chlorine measurement performance for applications in municipal drinking water and various industrial water treatment processes. more
Flow Meters
Pollution Monitoring with Cems & Cerms
Engineers responsible for reporting stack gas emissions data to federal, state or local authorities will appreciate the optional Cems and Cerms applications package available with the next-gen MT100 Series Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI). more
Pharma Equipment
Quick and Efficient Blister Packaging Line
The Marchesini Group will take part in the 55th edition of the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) that is scheduled to be held from April 20–22, 2018. The company will be showcasing its ultra-technological blister line that includes the Integra 520 V and the new fast bundler FA 04. more
Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter
Meters that Simplify Installation, Maintenance and Operation
Rosemount 8712EM wall mount transmitter provides easy navigation in the field and additional protocols for increased measurement confidence. more
Safety Mechanisms
Mobile Leak Detectors for Components
The ASM 390 and ASM 392 are leak detection solutions by Pfeiffer Vacuum used in the semiconductor and display industry as well as other demanding applications where rapid pump down and high sensitivity is key. Both models are Semi S2 compliant. more
New Filling Valve Platform with Innovative PD Design
Gemü is laying the cornerstone for the latest generation of filling valves – the F40 and F60 valves. more
Precision Flow Meters
Optimizes Air Flow Control for Operation of Industrial Blowers and Dryers
Engineers responsible for the efficient operation of industrial air blowers and dryers used in raw materials production will find the ST50 Mass Flow Meter Series from Fluid Components International (FCI) beneficial as it provides precision measurement of air to increase the efficiency of their systems. more
Flow Meters
Accurate Measurement Data for Sensitive Production Processes
To complement automated production plants in the food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, GEA has developed the magnetic inductive flow meter Cmag. more
Pharma and Food Mechanisms
Innovative Solutions in Micro Pelletizing
Maag, one of the leading global manufacturers of gear pumps, pelletizing and filtration systems, and pulverizers for demanding applications in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, has announced that it will exhibit the latest products for pharma applications for the first time in the company’s history. more
Safety Valve Island
Cost-Effective Configuration and Elimination of Complexity in Safety Circuits
Emerson has introduced the ability to integrate multiple safety zones within a single Asco Numatics Series 503 valve island. more
Automation Technology
Industry Gateway with LTE (4G), WLAN and Gbit LAN
As an intelligent IoT gateway, the new industrial Box PC Matrix-713 from Artila offers the option to use mini PCIE cards as individual communication modules. With this, the permanently installed Ethernet interfaces (of which 1x gigabit) are extended by the important cordless communication paths of the mobile communications standards 4G and 3G as well as WLAN (802.11 b/g/n). Two can bus interfaces support the widespread industry standard. more
Flow Meters
Efficient Gas & Liquid Flow Measurement and Control
New transmitter for digital communications protocol makes it easier to integrate the popular MT3809 flow meter with automation control systems across the plant enterprise. more
Flow Meters
Measuring CO2 Gas in Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations
Petroleum engineers responsible for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations will find the ST100 Series Thermal Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) provide precision CO2 gas mass flow measurement in a highly reliable and fully Hazex agency approved no-moving parts instrument. more
Industrial Automation
Delivering Integrated Solutions
Yokogawa Electric Corporation has recently announced Oprextm, an all-new comprehensive brand for the company’s industrial automation (IA) and control business. more
Combining Augmented and Virtual Reality for Metal Casting Solutions
Aveva, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, has recently announced that Italpresse Gauss has embedded the company’s Augmented and Virtual Reality software in its high-performance light metal casting solutions with the development of a new tool branded as Ame. more
Isolator Technology
Efficient and Gentle with Greater Production Safety
With the Deco pulse, Metall + Plastic presented a new, innovative system to introduce H2O2 into isolators at the Achema show with the advantage of a decontamination cycle that is 50 % shorter. And, due to the reduced utilisation of H2O2, there is less strain on the material, substances and product. more
Pharma Packaging
Boosting Production with the Right Machines
Just before the summer break from its agenda of trade fairs, the Marchesini Group will be taking part in two of the most important packaging venues in Brazil and Mexico. Starting with FCE Pharma, from May 22–24, 2018 at the São Paulo Expo Center and shortly after, from June 5–8, 2018, the Group will be at Expopack, at the Expo Bancomer Santa Fe in Mexico City. more
Explosion Isolation Flap Valves
Reliable and Low-Cost Explosion Protection
New explosion isolation flap valves from IEP Technologies, part of the Hoerbiger Group, are a reliable and cost effective way to mitigate the risk of dust explosions propagating to upstream equipment. more
New Solutions for DO and pH Measurements
Hamilton has expanded its product range for Single-Use applications to cater for the growing demand of sophisticated sensors in single-use bag and bench-top applications. more
Profinet Technology
Extending Diagnostics and Commissioning of Profinet Industrial Networks
Softing introduces an enhanced version of the proven Profinet commissioning and diagnostics tool Analyzer IE. The new version is called Analyzer Pro and allows the measurement of passive parameters that give a more detailed insight into the Profinet network. more
Mixing Systems
Mixer for Brake and Friction Material Applications
Even 70 years after the Ploughshare Mixer was patented by Lödige, there are still new applications found for the fluid bed principle that was revolutionary at that time. At the Solids trade fair in Dortmund, Germany, Lödige Process Technology will showcase a design model of a mixer specifically designed for brake and friction material applications. more
Valve Monitoring and Management
Extended Analysis Capabilities: How Valve Intelligence Supports Plant Monitoring
Comprehensive valve monitoring for improved valve management — Modern control valves are able to capture and store a bunch of operational data. So it is possible to monitor and elaborate available information around those assets to predict failures. Appropriate counter measures prevent plant shutdowns, which positively influences production efficiency. Additionally, plant managers are able to schedule necessary maintenance and to minimize wear, thus significantly reducing the cost of operation — another key issue for profitable operation. As a repetitive process the analysis and calculations during operation enable valuable improvements. more
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