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India: Oil and Gas
Everything you Need to Know About the 40 Billion Dollar Ratnagiri Refinery Project
The India-based project is expected to process 1.2 million barrels of crude oil per day and will produce a range of refined petroleum as well as petrochemical products. Expected to be commissioned in 2022, the project aims to meet India’s fast-growing fuels and petrochemicals demand. Read more about the engineering mega project in the article. more
India: Oil and Gas
ONGC Awards One of the Biggest Integrated SPS + Surf Contracts in the World
The 1,694 million dollar contract has been bagged by the Consortium of BHGE, Mc Dermott and L&T hydrocarbon for the integrated development of the KG-DWN-98/2 (Cluster-2) Project in the East Coast of India. more
India: Urea Plant
Topsoe, IFU, and DAF Collaborate with Indian Consortium to Jointly Invest in Fertilizer Plant
The new plant is being developed in line with the Government of India’s plan to ensure self-sufficiency of urea fertilizers in the domestic market. The plant is scheduled to begin operations in the second quarter of 2019. more
Sweden: Circular Economy
Textile Bioreactor Converts Waste into Biogas and Bioethanol
A multi-year collaboration between researchers within Resource Recovery at the University of Borås and a textile manufacturing company has resulted in a new type of reactor made of a textile material. The reactor transforms different kinds of waste into new products, such as biofuel. more
India: Trade Show
Indian Lab Industry Met at Top Event
With 9,641 visitors and 261 exhibitors, analytica Anacon India, India Lab Expo and Pharma Pro&Pack Expo has reached the best results in its decade-old history. The number of visitors rose by 25 % compared to the previous edition. more
Pumps/Solar Power
Empowering Solar Energy: How to Pump Liquid Sunshine
High-performance pumps for challenging applications in solar systems — When it comes to using solar energy, new heat transfer media are in high demand. Among the most promising candidates are in fact molten salts. But the handling of these new thermal medias quickly proves more difficult than it appears... more
Ketan Joshi to Spearhead BASF’s Petrochemicals Business in Asia Pacific
Under his new role, Ketan Joshi will be focusing on expanding the business and supporting the company’s customers and partners in the region. more
Market scenario
Plastic Processing Riding on a Growth Curve
With the demand for plastics growing, the market has also witnessed a rise in the demand for plastic processing technologies. It is here that events like Fakuma come in to display the latest and most innovative solutions for the industry of today. more
Safe and Sound Without O-Rings
Optimized combination of modular valve block solutions and durably reliable sealing with sealing method free from O-rings. more
Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Harvesting Sunlight to Drive Chemical Synthesis
Sunlight might be used in the future to drive organic syntheses for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, Timothy Noël of Eindhoven University of Technology told his audience at yesterday’s plenary lecture. more
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