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India: Lithium-Ion Batteries
Tata Chemicals Collaborates with C-MET
Under the agreement, both the companies will work together to develop a technology for the recovery and purification of cathode and anode active ingredients from spent lithium ion cells. more
India: Thermoplastics
Celanese Acquires Next Polymers
Celanese‘s recent takeover of one of India’s largest engineering thermoplastics compounders has enabled the firm to possess a 20 kilo tonnes per annum domestic compounding production facility in the country along with quality production lines to support local customers. more
India: Plastics
Mc Dermott Wins Two Technology Contracts for IOCL’s Polypropylene Plants
Under the agreement, both the plants will use Lummus' proprietary Novolen process reactors and proprietary NHP catalyst to increase the production of polypropylene. This move will act as a catalyst to meet India's growing demand for plastics. more
India: 5 % Biodiesel Target
Aemetis Increases Capacity of Indian Biodiesel Plant to 165,000 Metric Tonnes
Aemetis announced that its Universal Biofuels subsidiary has completed a two-year upgrade of the Kakinada biodiesel and glycerin plant in India. The upgrades to the Kakinada plant included installation of a pre-treatment unit to process lower-cost and waste feedstock into oil and the expansion of boiler and other utility capacities. more
Valve Monitoring and Management
Extended Analysis Capabilities: How Valve Intelligence Supports Plant Monitoring
Comprehensive valve monitoring for improved valve management — Modern control valves are able to capture and store a bunch of operational data. So it is possible to monitor and elaborate available information around those assets to predict failures. Appropriate counter measures prevent plant shutdowns, which positively influences production efficiency. Additionally, plant managers are able to schedule necessary maintenance and to minimize wear, thus significantly reducing the cost of operation — another key issue for profitable operation. As a repetitive process the analysis and calculations during operation enable valuable improvements. more
AODD Pumps
How to Attain High Accuracy Using Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps
For a leading European animal-feed producer AODD pumps are the ideal choice for an enzyme-dosing application — last not least to the joy of gourmet goats. more
These are the 10 Most Toxic Places in the World
The following picture gallery shows the ten most toxic places in the world by source of danger and the number of people at risk in thousand in 2013. more
Preventive Maintenance/Industry 4.0
Keeping Information Flowing for Preventive Maintenance of Fluid Processes
From process understanding to preventive maintenance: Fluid technology in the Industry 4.0 age — Digitalisation and connectivity open new ways of understanding for fluid processes — but with that come new challenges for those involved. Only if we manage to shift our attention from alarm based punctual attention to constant information, we can create additional value. The chance is there … more
Integrated End-to-end Solution
Enter the Integrated All-in-One Solution For The Lab
Now there is a new integrated end-to-end solution for all processes in the laboratory involving solids — Anyone looking to bring innovative pharmaceutical products onto the market quickly needs future-proof scalable solutions for laboratory systems that meet the growing demands on performance, safety and process efficiency — like the new Multilab, which can do everything from laboratory applications and feasibility studies right through to process development. more
Ion Beam Milling
Application Booklet- How to Prepare Samples for SEM
Are you interested in reading interesting applications of ion beam milling, take a look at this specially prepared booklet. Specialists from Leica Microsystems have collected over 20 different examples featuring different samples for SEM. more
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