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Switzerland: Strategy Review
Nestlé Confirms Strategy for Nutrition, Health and Wellness Businesses
As part of its regular strategy review earlier this year, Nestlé assessed its Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. The board fully confirmed the company's strategic direction and resolved to sharpen its focus on food, beverage and nutritional health products. more
Spain: Regasification
Cost-Effective Configuration of Hybrid Terminals
Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company (AG&P) has launched two proprietary regasification technologies in its range of LNG import terminal solutions. more
Sweden: Circular Economy
Textile Bioreactor Converts Waste into Biogas and Bioethanol
A multi-year collaboration between researchers within Resource Recovery at the University of Borås and a textile manufacturing company has resulted in a new type of reactor made of a textile material. The reactor transforms different kinds of waste into new products, such as biofuel. more
Spain: Cystine Production
Wacker Commences Production of Fermentation-Generated Cystine in León
Wacker Biosolutions, the life sciences division of the Wacker Group, has begun producing fermentation-generated cystine at its new site in León, Spain. more
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