Shale Gas Shale Gas Innovations take the Price at Annual SGICC Award

Editor: Dominik Stephan

SGICC announces winners of US $100,000 Shale Gas Innovation Contest: Four out of 14 finalists convinced the jury with waste storage, heat recovery, water tretament and sensor systems.

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(Picture: Ernhofer/PROCESS)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA – On May 12th in Southpointe, PA, during the Fourth Annual Shale Gas Innovation Contest, out of 14 finalists, the following four companies each walked away with a winner’s check for US$ 25,000:

  • Appalachian Drilling Services – Provides spill-proof, skid-mounted, rig-friendly waste storage units specifically built to withstand life on drilling rigs and mitigate the chances of any type of spill.
  • Ethos Gen - Offers systems that convert waste heat to electricity through a unique piston-based Organic-Rankine Cycle (ORC) scalable power solution available from 12-250kw.
  • Fairmont Brine Processing – Developed evaporation and crystallization process that fully treats wastewater and extracts reusable by-products.
  • PixController – Offers a low-cost methane gas-detection system that integrates a digital methane sensor with temperature and barometric pressure data.

Bill Hall, SGICC Director noted, “The 14 finalists showed the diversity of ideas brought forward by entrepreneurs and small companies in the region to help advance the shale energy play.” Contest sponsors also weighed in with praise for the event. “EQT is always searching for new technologies to improve our operations,” said Karl Coke, Senior Vice President of Innovation at EQT Production. “The process used by SGICC to uncover innovative products and services is a valuable asset to the industry.”