Optical Sensors Seven Good Reasons to Consider Optical Sensors

Author / Editor: Didier Lacroix / Dominik Stephan

The food and beverage industry has to be extremely careful about its inspection and monitoring processes. The damage to a product or package may result in severe losses. As a result, it is vital for food processing companies to keep their plants equipped with advanced machinery and solutions. Vision sensors are one such equipment that make inspection and monitoring easy for the operator.

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With the support of vision sensors, the existence of the labels on bottles can be checked accurately.
With the support of vision sensors, the existence of the labels on bottles can be checked accurately.
(Picture: Cognex Corporation)

As the global process industry continues to get more competitive, it is important to ensure that each plant is optimized for efficiency. Any downtime due to process related malfunctions is considered non value-added downtime, which directly affects the company’s profitability. Robust yet easy-to-use, selfcontained optical sensors perform automated inspections that previously required costly and complex optical systems.

It is especially true in the case of the food and beverage industry. Finished products in the food industry have to be checked and verified for its quality at all times. The producer needs to ensure that the products are packed properly with all its contents intact and safe. Boxes enable the food to remain packed, untouched and of the same quality until it reaches the market suppliers and further into the hands of consumers.

Also, inserts help keeping food safe from other harmful materials that can spoil the food. In such a scenario, the box inserts need to be checked and verified for their positioning and condition for before proceeding towards further processing. With the help of optical sensors, missing box inserts can be detected and replaced before the next level of processing.

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Vision sensors are equally useful in the beverage industry. One of the primary requirements in this industry is to ensure that the caps of all bottled and packaged products are in place to avoid spillage of liquids. Open containers can also hamper the condition of beverages that are perishable by nature, especially milk and milk-based products.

The process of detecting caps manually is tedious and almost humanly impossible in large industries. Vision systems enable to automatically confirm caps on milk jugs and help in protecting the product and maintain its quality.