Explosion Protection Sensing Danger

Editor: Dominik Stephan

From IEP Technologies comes a solution which provides secure explosion detection with high false alarm immunity: The Smart DS, which uses two dynamic pressure sensors in 'AND' configuration and a smart calculation of the expected rate of pressure rise based on experimental data and 25 years’ experience.

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(Picture: IEP Technologies)

In the event of an explosion, the Smart DS rapidly analyses the pressure data and actuates the active explosion suppression system. The new Explosion Suppression System is designed to detect the pressure development during an explosion and within milliseconds discharge an explosion suppressant into the enclosed space before destructive pressures develop. Quick, safe and exact measuring is an essential part of the system, the company states The Smart DS is used, for example, in dedusting plants - mounted in the dirty and / or clean gas sector of the housing.

The two dynamic pressure sensors compare the different measurements continuously. In this way, a distinction can be made between the dynamic pressure rise of an explosion versus process-related pressure fluctuations. As a result, the risk of false alarm is reduced to a minimum.

The Smart DS allows post-event forensics – storing the temporal pressure profiles of each detector with an accurate time stamp which facilitates the understanding of process conditions and explosion event characteristics. This allows also for the prevention of potential process disturbances to be detected in the future. Hall 1, Stand 319