Monitoring Compressed Air Installations Security in Real Time

Author / Editor: Stéphane Itasse / Dipl.-Medienwirt (FH) Matthias Back

The Aerzener Maschinenfabrik now offers permanent machine monitoring with Delta Real Time Monitoring. This system can be integrated into any new unit, but can also be retrofitted.

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With Delta Real Time Monitoring, users have their compressed air installation under control at all times.
With Delta Real Time Monitoring, users have their compressed air installation under control at all times.
(Photo: Aerzener Maschinenfabrik)

If the vibrations in a two-shaft machine exceed the prescribed limiting values, they may be giving early warning of a developing technical problem, a possible necessary repair, or the need of an overhaul.

Delta Real Time Monitoring monitors the vibrations, pressure and temperature of the machine via sensors and can also integrate Aerzener’s Aertronic control system, the manufacturer says.

All measurements from up to eight diagnosis units are brought together in a dedicated switching cubicle and transferred via internet, ethernet or GSM modem to a special server in Aerzener’s machine factory, where they are stored and kept permanently available. If desired, the operator can receive a visualisation in his control room.

Aerzener’s service department checks the condition of machines at least once a week and, depending the contract, produces a status report either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly and makes suggestions for continuing trouble-free operation. If limiting values are exceeded, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik (and in some cases selected persons in the operating firm as well) is informed automatically by sms or e-mail, so that further measures, such as shut-down, limited operation of the installation or sending a technician, can be agreed on with the customer.

For the hardware and the monitoring service, the operator pays a monthly charge for three years, which is reduced after this period. Outside the normal guarantee, costs are arising from employing Aerzener service personnel, maintenance work and replacement parts are charged to the operator.

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