Overview of the Oil & Gas Industry

Securing Energy and Feedstock Supplies for India's Economic Rise

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Majority public refineries in India have capacity below 10 MMTPA

Private sector refineries are less in number with larger capacities while public sector refineries are more in number with small capacities. Most of the public sector refineries have capacity below 10 MMTPA, whereas all the three private sector refineries have capacity equal to or above 20 MMTPA. Private sector refiners are able to take advantage of scale economies, whereas public sector refiners lag behind in this respect.

(Source: PROCESS Worldwide Subcontinent Edition)


Future outlook

Securing supplies is expected to remain on top of India’s energy agenda for the future. While exploration activity has taken place on land and in shallow basins across the country, deep water and ultra-deep water oil and gas resources hold the key to substantially increase domestic production.

Expansions are being planned for tapping foreign investment in export-oriented infrastructure, including product pipelines and export terminals.