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The green ammonia project will also include a green hydrogen unit, claimed to be the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, which will make use of electrolysis to produce 650 tons of hydrogen daily. (Source: AA+W -
Clean Energy

Everything You to Need to Know About Neom’s Green Ammonia Plant

Neom has already attracted eyeballs from across the globe for its landmark projects including the development of a green hydrogen based green ammonia production plant. The 5-billion-dollar project is claimed to establish the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in order to produce 650 tons of hydrogen everyday which will be synthesized to produce 1.2 million tons of green ammonia annually.

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Expected to produce up to 1 GW of blue hydrogen on completion, the H2Teesside project site will also capture and store up to two million tonnes of CO2 annually.  (Source: BP)
Low Carbon Emissions

What’s All the Buzz Around Blue Hydrogen?

Time is running out and we are still struggling to achieve the net zero emissions deadline by 2050 but there’s still hope. The industrial sector, one of the most carbon-intensive industries, is consciously making an effort to decarbonize itself and one of the methods which the sector is adopting is by switching to the production of clean green hydrogen as well as low carbon hydrogen i.e. blue hydrogen.

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Green hydrogen plant at L&T’s AM Naik Heavy Engineering Complex in Hazira, Gujarat, India. (Source: Larsen & Toubro)
Net Zero

L&T Sets Up Green H2 Plant in India

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has recently commissioned a new green hydrogen plant at its AM Naik Heavy Engineering Complex in Hazira, Gujarat. Expected to produce 45 kg of green hydrogen daily, the facility’s first phase comprising 380 kW alkaline electrolyzer has been installed, while the PEM electrolyzer along with solar plant capacity augmentation will be installed in the future.

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