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The stand-alone density sensor L-Dens 3300
Acid Measurement

A Jumpstart for Acid Measurement in Battery Production

Lead-acid battery production: Optimized formation and fast production change with process concentration measurement — A reliable inline sulfuric acid concentration measurement ensures the quality of the formation process and the final H2SO4 concentration in the battery. It also reduces the shutdown time during production change at the filling station.

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Eaton Model 2596 automatic self-cleaning strainer — With flow rates of up to 35,000 GPM (7,950 l/min), a broad selection of screen options and automatic backwashing, this strainer is designed for continuous, uninterrupted removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems.
Automatic Filters for Hydropower

Under Pressure: Automatic Filter for Swiss Hydropower Plant

Minimised wear in the sliding gate valves, reduction of downtime and maintenance costs — In a hydroelectric power plant in the Swiss Alps, specially modified automatic basket strainers minimise the wear on the hydraulic control valves caused by glaciers and suspended solids. They are designed for water pressures of up to 1,160 psi (80 bar) and filter out particles with a fineness of 25 μm.

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Whether refinery or chemical plant: planners and system operators in the process industries demand explosion protection solutions which offer a high degree of long-term flexibility, efficiency, and availability.
Measurement Technology for Potentially Explosive Areas

How to Design Intrinsically Safe Circuits

The intrinsic safety (Ex i) type of protection has established itself worldwide in the field of measurement and control technology in systems with potentially explosive areas. For one thing, it is much more cost-effective when it comes to construction when compared to other types of protection. For another, it allows for maintenance work and modifications during operation. Moreover, it is also possible to use simple electrical equipment without special approval.

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With Gericke's TCM turbo compact mixer, downtime due to cleaning is reduced by up to 90 %.

The Turbo Compact Mixer – One Step Ahead

Gericke's unique experience in continuous mixing and feeding has resulted in a new family of mixing solutions. With the TCM Turbo Compact Mixer it is possible to continuously and fully automatically feed and mix up to four streams with minimum space requirements and high accuracy.

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Masterflex Live is a secure, cloud-based platform for controlling and monitoring select Masterflex L/S and I/P peristaltic pumps via a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Peristaltic Pumps

Cloud Enabled Pumps

Cole-Parmer’s industry exclusive technology, Masterflex Live Cloud-enabled pumps, brings the Internet of Things (IoT) to pump applications, providing pump operators with the ability to remotely control and monitor pumps via the internet — without the need to be onsite. This feature has now been enhanced with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance, so that robust security, data control, and electronic records are possible with low-cost subscription.

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