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The contract involves setting up seven cracker furnaces of 1200 KTPA Dual Feed Cracker Units at HPCL Mittal Energy’s Bathinda Refinery in Punjab, India.
India: EPC

L&T Awarded Contract from HPCL Mittal Energy

The onshore EPC contract comprises the construction of seven cracker furnaces of 1200 KTPA Dual Feed Cracker Units at HPCL’s Bathinda Refinery in Punjab. LTHE intends to make use of its modular fabrication facilities in Gujarat for the fabrication of furnace modules.

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Whether refinery or chemical plant: planners and system operators in the process industries demand explosion protection solutions which offer a high degree of long-term flexibility, efficiency, and availability.
Measurement Technology for Potentially Explosive Areas

How to Design Intrinsically Safe Circuits

The intrinsic safety (Ex i) type of protection has established itself worldwide in the field of measurement and control technology in systems with potentially explosive areas. For one thing, it is much more cost-effective when it comes to construction when compared to other types of protection. For another, it allows for maintenance work and modifications during operation. Moreover, it is also possible to use simple electrical equipment without special approval.

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