Pumps Sealless Magnetic Coupled Gear Pumps

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

Robust pump design together with tough and strong materials make the pump last longer. The rotor and idler gears are made of tough materials, which can handle the stresses of high viscosity operation.

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(Bild: Dickow)

Magnetic driven GML/GMB-gear-pumps are designed to improve plant and personnel safety.For all services the containment shell replaces the single or double acting mechanical seals with external fluid reservoirs and the necessary control equipment. The single elements of the multipolar magnetic coupling are manufactured of permanent magnet material "Cobalt Samarium" with unlimited lifetime. The magnets in the driven rotor are completely encapsulated, not in contact with liquid. Power is transmitted to the hermetically sealed liquid end by a bank of external magnets. Inner and outer magnet rings are locked together by magnetic forces and work as a synchronous coupling. The pump is approved for hazardous areas — Atex.