Seal Kit Sealing Material for Extreme Temperatures

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

OPW Engineered Systems, manufacturer of systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials announced that the 1004D3 and 1004D4 models of its API Bottom-Loading Couplers are now available with a special “lo-temp” sealing material that has been designed to retain its sealing capabilities at extreme temperatures (Seal Material rated as low as -55°F/-48°C).

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OPW Engineered Systems Now Offering “Lo-Temp” Seal Kit for 1004D3/1004D4 API Bottom-Loading Couplers.
OPW Engineered Systems Now Offering “Lo-Temp” Seal Kit for 1004D3/1004D4 API Bottom-Loading Couplers.
(Picture: OPW)

The seal material is also compatible with all gasoline, diesel and ethanol formulations and blends.

As temperatures drop, in many cases so does the sealing ability of many API Bottom-Loading Couplers. In the past, the only solution to leaking bottom-loading couplers in low-temperature environments was a very frustrating one – simply wait for the temperatures to rise.

However, OPW has put an end to this discouraging waiting game, specifically engineering its new lo-temp seals with a sub-zero leak protection that helps eliminate the concerns associated with cold-weather leaks.

The companys’ 1004D3 and 1004D4 Couplers provide users with a best-in-class performance by combining advanced engineering and ergonomic designs with the sub-zero weather protection of the lo-temp seal kit. Designed specifically to provide a faster connection during transfers and to significantly reduce liquid loss at disconnect, the 1004D3 and 1004D4 are built to mate with all 4-inch bottom-loading adaptors.

Both the 1004D3 and 1004D4 are made with API RP-1004 requirements, a unique Interlocking system, 5-cam design, smart seal and ergo handle for superior results. These next generation API Bottom-Loading Couplers, along with the special lo-temp seal kit, provide for a better performance.