Waste Management in the Foodstuffs Industry Saving Water via Vacuum Technology

Editor: Manja Wühr

The manufacturing of foodstuffs needs a huge amount of water. In the BioSuck project, Fraunhofer Umsicht is jointly working with an international working group on reducing this amount. Therefore they use Vacuum Technology.

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Part of a vacuum waste collection system
Part of a vacuum waste collection system
(Picture: Bilfinger Water Technologies)

Oberhausen/Germany – How to save water in the manufacturing of foodstuffs? Fraunhofer Umsicht is jointly working with an international working group on an solution. In the BioSuck project the researchers test implementation of vacuum technology to exhaust the waste that occurs. Foodstuff manufacturers would be able to save huge amount of water — in some cases up to 50 to 80 percent (depending on the sector of industry). Furthermore costs for wastewater disposal can also be reduced.

Bei der Abfallsammlung mithilfe von Unterdruck gelangen In waste collection by means of negative pressure, foodstuffs residues reach a collection site hygienically and quickly via a pipe system that is in compliance with the requirements of the foodstuffs industry. Residual waste can be utilized via incineration, converted to biogas or bioethanol in fermentation plants, or valorized into a lignite coal-like product by means of hydro-thermal carbonization (HTC).

Vacuum Lines can be Installed Easily

Furthermore, it is possible to feed the nutrients of concentrated organic wastes directly back into the industry or to utilize them as source material for nutrient-rich fertilizer instead. The thin vacuum lines can be installed in a space-saving way on the ceiling of technical shops; they prevent odor nuisance and can be adjusted to changes in the production process without major effort. Furthermore, the system is closed off towards vermin and rodents, which represents another significant advantage, particularly within the foodstuffs industry.

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