Pharmaceutical Industry Saltigo Growth through Investment and Innovation

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Saltigo is looking back on a highly satisfactory business performance in 2012 and is also in an optimistic mood as regards 2013. “We have many projects in the pipeline for this year,” said Saltigo Managing Director Wolfgang Schmitz.

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“We have many projects in the pipeline for this year,” said Saltigo Managing Director Wolfgang Schmitz.
“We have many projects in the pipeline for this year,” said Saltigo Managing Director Wolfgang Schmitz.
(Picture: Lanxess)

Langenfeld – “Customers in our key business area agrochemicals in particular are currently expecting the positive market trends to continue,” added Schmitz.

Attractive agrochemical and pharmaceutical projects in the pipeline

Safeguarding food supplies for the growing world population and changes in eating habits in emerging markets are resulting in sustainable growth for both innovative and established active ingredients. Saltigo marketing manager Joerg Schneider therefore believes that agricultural active ingredients will also remain an increasingly interesting growth segment: “For instance, new combinations of well-known and tried-and-tested active ingredients in innovative formulations allow our customers to respond quickly and very flexibly to new challenges such as regional weather conditions or the emergence of resistances.” For a custom manufacturer such as Saltigo, the ability to offer this flexibility provides an important competitive edge in this market segment.

Successful cooperation in the biopharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical segment is also having a positive effect on business development. At the end of 2012, for example, a multi-year agreement was concluded between Lanxess and U.S. pharmaceutical company Relypsa, based in Redwood City, California. This agreement governs the preparation for a new drug application (NDA), provision and commercial production of a new hyperkalemia treatment and the related synthesis and process developments by Saltigo. Patiromer for oral suspension (RLY5016S) is a non-absorbed polymer that works in the gastrointestinal tract.

“The agreement with Relypsa is a prime example of our strategic intention to not only continue working with innovative pharmaceutical companies, but also to expand these partnerships,” remarked Saltigo`s Schneider. He said that projects that are either in the advanced clinical stage or about to be launched are particularly attractive.

Relypsa, Lanxess and Saltigo can already look back on many years of successful collaboration based on the respective teams working closely together and developing mutual trust. “Our new project will also benefit from this trust,” said Schneider.

Targeted investment in Leverkusen

Targeted investments will also ensure that Saltigo continues to enjoy an optimal position in the dynamic custom manufacturing market. The company plans to invest a total of around € 20 million through 2015 to create additional capacities for solids isolation at four facilities at its integrated site in Leverkusen.

Technologies such as crystallization, filtration and drying play a key role in the manufacture of active ingredients and intermediates with similar properties to active ingredients, and demand for these looks set to rise. These investments will benefit Saltigo's technical capabilities. At this year's InformEx tradeshow, the wholly owned subsidiary of global specialty chemicals company Lanxess will focus on presenting the company's comprehensive expertise and longstanding experience as a custom manufacturing service provider for the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.