Italy: Cyber Attack Saipem's Servers Attacked by Malware

Editor: Alexander Stark

The Italian engineering company Saipem reported an attack on its servers by malware in early December. Now the company is busy recovering the data that was deleted.

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Saipem's servers were attacked by malware on 10 December.
Saipem's servers were attacked by malware on 10 December.
(Source: Pixabay / CC0 )

San Donato Milanese/Italy - On December 10, Saipem reported a cyber attack by a variant of the Shamoon malware that hit servers in the Middle East, India, Aberdeen and, to a limited extent, in Italy. Although the attack was detected immediately, it led to the deletion of data and IT infrastructures - effects typical for malware.

The recovery is performed gradually and in a controlled manner via the backup infrastructures and will restore full operation of the affected sites upon completion, the company announced. The company will also continue to work with the relevant authorities regarding its actions.

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