Hazardous Goods Safety Shutdown of Rotterdam Petrochemical Terminal

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Plant operator Odfjell has announced a shutdown of one of Europe's largest independent storage terminals for petrochemicals and hazardous goods in Rotterdam port for safety reasons. The terminal will only cater process industries with risk of plant shutdowns during this period, Odfjell speakers stated.

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Odfjell announces a complete safety shutdown of one of Europe's largest petrochemical terminals at Rotterdamm port.
Odfjell announces a complete safety shutdown of one of Europe's largest petrochemical terminals at Rotterdamm port.
(Picture: Odfjell)

Rotterdam/The Netherlands – The backbone of Rotterdam's petrochemical cluster, Odfjell's tank storage facility, announced a safety shutdown on Friday. After meetings with DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond (Environmental Protection Agency), Inspectie SZW and the Rotterdam fire Brigade the management of Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam decided on a controlled safety shutdown between Friday and Saturday.

The shutdown shall be used to verify all fire fighting systems on site. As a consequence, all truck, rail, barge and ships movements at the site will be prohibited until the integrity of the fire fighting system of the tanks has been verified. Customers with the risk of plant shutdowns will be supplied under enhanced safety measures in cooperation with the local authorities.

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Revamp of Fire Fighting Equipment at Rotterdam Terminal

All the cooling and extinguishing equipments on more than 140 tanks with carbon steel pipes will be replaced by new ones, Odfjell said. At the same time maintenance will be carried out, when necessary, on other parts of the tanks. After the revamp, all tanks at the terminal shall be in full compliance with legislation and regulations and also with the PGS 29 guideline. PGS 29 is the guideline for large above-ground tank installations in which flammable liquids are stored. PGS 29 exceeds current legislation and regulations with respect to safety and the environment.

Petrochemical Terminal Subject of Safety Discussions

These measures have a great impact on business operations, Odfjell speakers underlined. The company has already announced all customers that have products stored in the tanks.

The Rotterdam terminal has appeared in the public news in The Netherlands in connection with product spill and emission of vapour into the air before. In January, a gasoline spill at the site fueled up thge discussion.

“The current situation at OTR does not reflect the values of Odfjell. Our commitment is to do whatever is necessary to bring OTR up to industry standards. In the time ahead I will be present at OTR to give my full attention and support to the needed improvements,” says Laurence Odfjell, Chairman of the Board of Odfjell SE.