Fieldbus Barrier Safety and Reliability and Easy Servicing — at Lower Cost

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

MTL Instruments has launched a range of Fieldbus barrier wiring hubs which it says establish a new benchmark for connecting intrinsically safe field instruments to Foundation fieldbus networks in hazardous areas.

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The 9370-FB Fieldbus Barrier retains the main benefits of the “high energy trunk” technique whilst removing the drawbacks associated with existing Fieldbus barriers. The result is lower cost, safer operation and higher reliability. The 9370-FB is a modular system based on self-contained enclosures made from stainless steel or carbon-loaded GRP. Hot-pluggable components make reconfiguration and repairs quick and easy, in contrast to conventional Fieldbus barrier implementations, where hard-wired field enclosures make servicing difficult. A key feature is the ability to add surge protection modules easily in the light of site experience to protect the barrier modules from transients transmitted along the trunk and spur cables.