Bioplastics/'Green' Polymers RKW Manufactures FFS Films Based on Renewable Resources

Editor: Dominik Stephan

RKW, a leading supplier of high-quality plastic films and nonwovens, has developed a new formulation for FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) films that consists of more than 50 per cent ‘green’ polymers in response to specific requirements of its customer Braskem.

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Production of 'green' polymers at Braskem, Brazil, based on organic and renewable feedstocks.
Production of 'green' polymers at Braskem, Brazil, based on organic and renewable feedstocks.
(Picture: Mathias Cramer/

Frankenthal/Germany – Compared to conventional FFS films, this new solution offers substantial environmental benefits in terms of lower carbon emissions and obtains the same technical performance characteristics. Starting in September 2015, RKW delivers the ‘green’ FFS films to the German Braskem sites in Schkopau and Wesseling. The world market for bioplastic materials is growing rapidly, as industries and end consumers are looking for sustainable products that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A major player in the bioplastics market is the Brazilian chemical company Braskem, which pioneers in producing Green Polyethylene (PE) – a thermoplastic resin made from sugarcane-based ethanol instead of crude oil. Sugarcane is a renewable and carbon dioxide depleting resource and it absorbs CO2 while growing. Braskem conducted a unique study in partnership with its suppliers to assess the environmental impact of the Green Polyethylene - I’m green.

The results of the life cycle analysis study from cradle to Braskem’s gate indicate that the biopolymer made from ethanol captures 2.15 metric tons of CO2 for every metric ton of green plastic produced. Additionally, Green PE is 100 per cent recyclable in existing streams. As a viable alternative to traditional fossil-fuel derived materials, Green PE combines high performance and excellent processability.

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