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Safety and Security - in Tandem?

Remote Access Solutions for Secure Operation of OT Networks

Safety and Security - in Tandem?

Remote Access Solutions for Secure Operation of OT Networks


The differences between OT and IT are obvious: active intervention in data connections is no problem in IT and how does it behave in OT? How do you implement IT security in OT systems without interrupting system operation?

In the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, process safety and plant availability have top priority. Maintaining the performance of a safety system subject to approval involves many preliminary considerations. Almost 80% of the existing plants are older than 20 years and are going to operate for another 10 years without major changes. In the age of ever faster digitalization, security must be approached from new perspectives.
Some of the reasons: New legal requirements (e.g., KRITIS, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, Ordinance on Major Accidents) or mature installations may have network connections to external sites, which represent potential threats.

Driven by IoT, the importance of concepts for the use of process data on other levels, remote access and cloud connections is on the rise. How can, for instance, a plant component be securely maintained and operated via remote access?

The webinar provide you answers to the following questions:
  • Why do safe plant operation requirements increase on a daily basis?
  • Which challenges do you have to face, e.g., in the regulatory environment?
  • Which solutions are really secure for remote access to plants?
  • What implementation experience has already been gathered on remote maintenance solutions for industrial plants and what can you learn from it?
Your host:
Heiko Schween, Head of Automation Security at HIMA


The provider of this webinar

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Albert-Bassermann-Str. 28
68782 Brühl


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