Metal Removal Reject Contaminants With Ease

Editor: Doris Popp

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(Picture: S+S Separation and Sorting Technology)
(Picture: S+S Separation and Sorting Technology)

Metal separators in the Rapid series from S+S Separation and Sorting Technology remove both magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles from free-falling bulk materials. One of the firm’s simpler models is the Rapid Vario, whose separate detection and separation units make it easy to install in existing pipes. The Rapid 4000 is noted for its high sensitivity, while the Rapid 5000 was developed for the demanding hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Rapid 6000, which uses a swivel hopper to remove metal, is excellent for coarse-grained, flaky, light, fibrous, brittle, and lumpy products. The new compact Rapid 8000 is designed for high throughputs and is suited to a wide range of product types. Last but not least, the Rapid Dual is designed for hard-to-pour materials such as foil chips and wood pellets, and for large mass flows with a fall height of 700 mm.