Waste Disposal Pumping and Grinding Combined in a Single Device

Editor: Dominik Stephan

In industrial food production, waste presents great challenges for the pumping and maceration equipment. Depending on the matter being handled, companies need the right processing chain for their situation.

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(Picture: Public Domain Pictures (CC0))

The new Red Unit from Vogelsang combines tried-and-tested pumps and grinders into a single unit., offering individually tailored solutions for trouble-free disposal of food waste. The Red Unit combines the advantages of Vogelsang's X Ripper twin-shaft grinder, Rotacut wet macerator and CC-series progressive cavity pump. It allows large quantities of coarse or fine solid matter to be shredded into media that can be easily processed for further use. The unit can be flexibly adapted to the user's individual situation. IFAT: A6.247/346

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