Particle Size Measurement Proven Real-Time PAT Solutions

Editor: Doris Popp

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(Picture: Malvern)
(Picture: Malvern)

Process analytical technology (PAT) from Malvern is transforming the control of unit operations such as milling. Insitec real-time particle size analyzers measure particle size distributions at up to four times a second, allowing automated control of size reduction equipment. This, in turn, provides more consistent product quality, higher throughput and reduced waste. The Insitec range includes robust at-, in-, and on-line particle sizing solutions that comply with the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. Maintenance is minimal, and reliability extremely high. Solutions are available for both wet and dry streams containing particles in the size range 0.1–1,000 µm. Malvern also offers complementary analytical tools including Mastersizer, a flexible off-line laser diffraction particle size analyzer, and SyNIRgi, a chemical imaging system that provides information about the spacial location of chemical species within a sample.