Tutorial for Valves Protecting Valves with Correct Maintenance Procedures

Editor: Dominik Stephan

To ensure valves continue to operate as they should, they require routine maintenance. To help its customers keep processes running smoothly, SPX Flow has released a series of step-by-step video guides to maintaining its products. The latest of these covers disassembly, seal replacement and reassembly of its APV Delta RUF Check Valve.

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(Source: SPX Flow)

The APV Delta RUF check valve is used where the prevention of backflow of product is critical to the production process. The non-return valve offers high operational assurance in a compact design and is widely used across the brewery, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Designed for easy maintenance, the valve has robust bearings and profile seals that eliminate any gaps through which product could leak.

The new SPX FLOW maintenance video walks the viewer through every stage of valve disassembly, seal removal and replacement, and reassembly. It explains in detail the tools and processes needed to ensure correct maintenance without damaging the valve. These procedures are vital to ensuring continued operational safety and longevity of the valve.

The new maintenance tutorial can be found on Youtube.

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