Ultrasonic Gas Detection Protecting Gas Compressor Stations

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

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Gassonic-Compressor Station (Picture: Gassonic)
Gassonic-Compressor Station (Picture: Gassonic)

The Gassonic Observer protects compressor stations as well as other high-pressure gas handling installations by detecting leaks using a method that is independent of direction, dilution and changing wind direction, making it especially suitable for well-ventilated areas. Unlike sensors which measure gas concentration in air, the Gassonic Observer uses a microphone to pick up the ultrasound emitted by gas escaping at high velocity. A leak of 0.1 kg/s can be detected at a radius of 20 m. A high-pass filter removes frequencies below 25 kHz to eliminate interference from audible and low-frequency ultrasonic noise, while the alarm trigger level can be adjusted to accommodate existing ultrasonic background noise. An integrated acoustic self-test periodically verifies the sensor’s operation. The detector is approved by CSA, FM, Atex, IECEx, and C-UL, and is suitable for SIL 2 applications.