Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition Promising Prospects for China’s Biggest Powder and Bulk Event

The 12th International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Conference & Exhibition (IPB 2014) will take place from October 14 to 16, 2014, at Intex Shanghai. About 200 exhibitors will showcase the latest technology trends for size reduction, grinding, mixing, filtering and conveying of powder and bulk solids.

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IPB is known for its very efficient information exchange between manufactures and plant operators.
IPB is known for its very efficient information exchange between manufactures and plant operators.
(Bild: Nürnberg Messe)

Shanghai/China – The exhibition showcases a wide range of technologies and applications for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, coating, mining, and ceramic industries. It will attract 200 exhibitors from China, Germany, the U.S., the U.K., France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and India to present first-hand industry information and cutting-edge technologies for processing and handling of powder and bulk solids.

Practical approaches to dust explosion protection

The Index Safety Symposium will run in parallel with IPB 2014. Index consists of 35+ members from throughout the safety industry, from plant engineers and safety consultants to equipment manufacturers, service providers, and universities from America to Asia. On the second day of the show, Index will gather these specialists together to form an unparalleled group that will discuss recent industry explosion protection solutions, security concepts, and the state of the art of their science.

A series of presentations by Dekra will provide a practical approach to controlling dust flash-fire and explosion hazards that are usually associated with the handling, processing, an storing of combustible powders. It ill also address practical approaches to eliminating and controlling electrostatically initiated flash fires and explosions during the application of containers and packages for flammable liquids and powders.

Industry utilizes powders to great effect: A significant proportion of manufactured products involve powders either directly or at some stage during processing. In our current industry climate, optimizing manufacturing and maximizing quality and yield is essential. Traditionally, manufacturing relied heavily on engineers’ experience to optimize processes and overcome problems.

However, new technologies are available that can assist in predicting the behavior of powders in each of the many processes employed. A presentation by Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, will show how modern computer-controlled instrumentation can measure the dynamic, bulk, and shear properties of powders, and how such comprehensive knowledge can help develop better products and optimize processing.

Highlights of the supporting program

The Chinese Society of Particuology and the Beijing Society for Powder Technology (BSPT) will organize the annual congress on-site in conjunction with IPB 2014. The congress will focus on the following themes: the preparation of graphene, controlling aerosol particles, nanotech applications, and the fine processing of minerals. In addition, the “Award for the Most Popular Exhibits” will be presented at IPB for the first time. Nürnberg Messe China and China Powder Industry are the organizers of the award.

The jury committee is made up of experts from BSPT. The award will go to the most popular plants and technologies in basic processing technology of powder and bulk materials, plant engineering and processing components, particle analysis and characterization, nano particle technologies, and measurement control. Relevent companies are invited to apply by August 31, 2014.

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