Automation: Support Service Project and Support Service for Added Value in Automation Manufacturing

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

It’s no longer a secret anymore that the service business now also dominates the automation world. Instrumentation and automation are only part of the picture, however, since customers expect more. This was explained in detail at an event held by Emerson Process Management, which presented its global support and service initiative. Field reports from customer representatives provided focus.

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Emerson plans to help INA Rijeka maintain operating efficiency throughout the entire service life of its plants.
Emerson plans to help INA Rijeka maintain operating efficiency throughout the entire service life of its plants.
(Picture: Emerson Process Management)

Does this ring a bell at your company? Do you have just enough personnel to maintain efficient operations? You’re not alone, since many, if not most companies in the process industry are in the same boat as a result of the current economic situation. According to a McKinsey study conducted in June 2012, there will be a stark need for some 95 million qualified and highly qualified experts in the global employment market by 2020. A scenario that gives reason for concern and will force companies to address major challenges — especially when it comes to large investment projects and higher maintenance expenditures as associated with deactivation times or downtime schedules, for example.

Automation Manufacturers Venture into Service Business

Fulfilling project and service requirements thus necessitates increasing levels of collaboration with specialized partners, including in the process industry. One such partner seeking to close the gap in the in-house expertise of its customers by offering quality service solutions is Emerson Process Management.

Since 2005, the automation specialist has employed more than 4,000 people to assist its staff of service personnel and plans to expand its service business twice as fast as the industry at large in the next four years. This almost exponential growth forms part of the strategic expansion of project and support/services to meet the growing needs of customers.

Who Can Better Elaborate on User Experience than the Users Themselves?

To this end, Emerson started a proactive investment program, and in mid-June, it presented its global support and service initiative to the trade press at its new European headquarters in Baar, Switzerland. Of special interest was the fact that customer representatives provided insight. After all, who can better elaborate on user experience than the users themselves.

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