Anniversary Profibus Celebrates Silver Jubilee

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Happy Birthday PNO: This March, German Profibus Nutzerorganisation turns 25. Time and time again, the organisation set the course for the development. A brief review ...

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A reason to celebrate: PNO turns 25.
A reason to celebrate: PNO turns 25.
(Bild: Profibus Nutzerorganisation)

Karlsruhe/Germany – On March 27, 1990, the first General Meeting of the Profibus Nutzerorganisation took place at which organizational matters were discussed and work began on establishing key committees and working groups. Since then, the PNO has established itself as a strong and enduring global community that acts as a driving force for communication in automation systems.

The past 25 years in the community was a mix of professional exchange, hours of hard work, and highly contentious discussions, but always with a spirit of cooperation. Everyone was consistently united behind the goal of successfully automating all industrial applications with sustainable communication technologies.


“The fact alone that there are now 50 million Profibus nodes and 10 million Profinet nodes speaks for their market strength. Whoever needs a reliable and sustainable bus technology can't help but consider Profibus and Profinet,“ concluded Karsten Schneider, Chairman of the PNO and Chairman of Profibus & Profinet International (PI).

Time and time again, the PNO set the course for the development. For example, the development of Profisafe impressively demonstrated why the approach with application-specific profiles is the correct one. Users also appreciate the uniformity and easy handling of the technologies. Supporting functions, such as diagnostics, plug-and-play device integration, and energy management, make the technologies easier to use.

First and foremost, the PNO pledges continuity and reliability. All blocks and components fit together and are intensively checked. “That is why top priority was given not only to standardization but also to certification of products, a decision that most assuredly contributes to the high acceptance up to now,” said Schneider in naming the main reasons for success. Reliable systems thanks to reliable communication products — that is the reward.

Several leading companies of the ZVEI were instrumental in founding the PNO. Michael Ziesemer, President of the ZVEI and Chief Operation Officer at Endress+Hauser, summarizes participation in the PNO as follows: “What 25 years of participation in the success of Profibus means to me is being at the forefront of technical advancement for 25 years. Profibus stands for openness of the system world. The standardized bus is the basis of a business opportunity for anyone. We can learn a lot from this in order to meet the challenges of the future: Industry 4.0 and digitalization of value creation.”