Pipework Systems Product Catalogue Includes Custom Parts

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

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New catalogue now includes custom parts
New catalogue now includes custom parts
(Picture: Jacob)

The new Jacob pipework systems product catalogue is now out. One of the improvements is a doubling of existing serially produced diameters. The spectrum of diameters included in the catalogue now extends from 60 mm to 1600 mm, instead of 800 mm in the past. A new section with a wide range of custom parts and serially produced variations further complements the product range. Availability is ensured by the manufacturer by expanding the customised production capacities to include an additional 1,000 square metres, complete with new machinery. The new Food Grade Range is a modular pipe system that offers dual conformity to the EC1935/2004 directive and FDA regulations. More than 1,000 product components were tested