Hand Calibration Pressure Pumps Producing High Pressures Quickly and Efficiently

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation announces the debut of its new line of hydraulic and pneumatic hand calibration pressure pumps. Designed to reduce time and effort, high pressures can be produced quickly and efficiently, and be easily viewed.

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Palmer Wahl Instrumentation debuts new test tools for pressure applications.
Palmer Wahl Instrumentation debuts new test tools for pressure applications.
(Picture: Palmer Wahl Instrumentation)

The Palmer PV10K Hydraulic Calibration Pressure Pump is a dual stage pump including a selector valve, increasing the priming speed and greatly reducing the effort required to generate high pressures. Pressure range is 0 to 10,000 PSI or 0 to 700 bar.

The large volume Pyrex reservoir can be filled with distilled water or mineral oil, with an optional brake fluid model available. Pressure relief valve can be supplied to provide protection to connected instruments, while a swivel reference gauge port allows easy viewing from almost any angle.

For pneumatic applications, the Palmer PV600 Combination Pneumatic Pressure & Vacuum Calibration Pump can create a range of vacuum 28 inches of mercury up to 600 psi. Full time rotation of gauge and process connections maximizes viewing angle during operation. Featuring comfortable, ergonomically designed handles and an adjustable stroke, the PV600 is efficient, reaching 100 psi with only four pumps.

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