Bio–Refinery Prize–Winning Bio–Refinery Launched in France

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The bio-refinery that won the coveted “Demonstrating advanced biofuel technologies” EU-award was officially launched: This second generation bioethnaol process in centered around an Organosolv Process at atmospheric conditions.

Rapeseeds, a typical bio-energy plant.
Rapeseeds, a typical bio-energy plant.
(Pciture: Michael Schwarzenberg (CC0))

Brussels/Belgium – The project, which is structured around the CIMV refining process, has been preliminary validated at the industrial pilot stage and had already obtained a first European recognition in the framework of the Biocore programme (2010-2014). The CIMV technology differentiates itself by its high levels of production and the generation of a pure lignin, through a process that is nowadays unique in the world, the Biolignin, which guarantees the profitability of the process. An

asset that definitely constitutes CIMV’s trademark.

The project aims to demonstrate at a pre-industrial stage, the economic, technical, environmental and ocietal viability of a new technology that permits to separate the main components of plant materials, thus optimizing the production of bio-ethanol.

In the perspective to reach this main objective, 2G Biopic must also confirm the potential of Bio lignin as the core basic of tomorrow’s Green chemistry. Such European project stands as the final step towards the validation of the process.

A 36 month project, 2G Biopic encompasses the construction of a demonstration plant on the “Portes du Tarn” economic and industrial park, 20 Km from Toulouse. Functional in early 2017, it will process 24 tons of biomass per day and annually produce 700 tons of second generation bioethanol, as well 750 tons of Biolignine. An industrial application is planned for 2018.