FlipView Pittcon 2012

Preparative scale SFC Systems for Fraction Purification

D. J. Tognarelli, Chomatography Product Specialist at Jasco, gives some detail about the heart of the new product and how these systems can provide lab users with purer fractions. Analytical Instrumentation specialist Jasco features a Preparative SFC system at Pittcon 2012. It can be used for both chiral and achiral separations with column sizes from 10mm up to 30mm for small scale to intermediate scale sample purification.
The heart of the system is Jasco's patented back-pressure regulator, which allows control of system pressure regardless of solvent composition and flow rate. The solvent delivery system is based on the proven performance of the reciprocating pumps developed over 40 years; the new PU-2088 pumps deliver up to 120ml/min of CO2 and up to 80 ml/min of modifier and flush solvents at pressures up to 35 MPa (5000 psi).
Sample Injection can be manual or fully automated with a choice of high capacity autosampler or the ‘no-loss’ high speed LVI injection system. Automated Stacked injections provide maximum sample throughput in a short time while also minimizing solvent consumption. Detection choices include UV and/or CD and with MS interface.
Sample collection of up to eight fractions without carry over and with a separate bypass to waste can be made using time window, signal level and/or slope as standard with recoveries of better than 95%. Purity monitoring of chiral molecules using the g-factor output of the CD detector is standard with the CD detector option.
The column oven can accommodate columns up to 30 mm x 250 mm with a temperature range from 10° C below ambient to 80° C.