Diaphragm Valve Precise Control with Higher Flow

Editor: Dominik Stephan

In future, there will be a larger selection of versions of the world's first controllable single-use diaphragm valve, the Gemü Sumondo: In addition to a pneumatically operated version, the product range also includes a version with a handwheel for manual operation.

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(Source: Gemü)

Due to increasing customer demand, the range has been expanded in the area of associated valve bodies. With a third diaphragm size, another high-performance member has been added to the product range: The largest valve of its type to-date, with up to 1". This means that applications can be handled for which higher medium flows and precise controllability are indispensable. Produced and packaged in the cleanroom, the single-use valves comply with all requirements for pharmaceutical processes.

Yet the application possibilities do not stop there. In other areas too, such as in research centres and laboratory facilities, the valves become a cost-efficient and, above all, safe solution. The risk of cross contamination is considerably reduced, cleaning costs are significantly reduced, and plant downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Even with smaller batches and more frequent changes of media, the advantages of the Sumondo valve shouldquickly become apparent and prove themselves in terms of cost, the manufacturer states. In fact, the single-use solution outperforms conventional pinch valve systems in a large number of cases.

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