China: Semiconductor Industry Praxair to Supply Gases to Shanghai Huali Microelectronics

Editor: Alexander Stark

Praxair has signed a long-term contract to supply nitrogen, high purity oxygen, helium and other gases to Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC), a subsidiary of Huahong Group, based in Shanghai.

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(Source: Praxair)

Danbury/USA — The company will build, own and operate two air separation plants that will provide approximately 600t ons per day of nitrogen to HLMC’s new production base in Kangqiao Industrial Park, located 15 kilometers away from their existing site at Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Shanghai, China.

The company will start to supply HLMC from the new plants in early 2018 to support the customer’s commissioning and production schedule. Praxair has served its industrial gas needs at the company’s Zhangjiang site through a long-term bulk gas supply agreement since 2010.

HLMC has invested more than $ 5.7 billion in its business and process technology supporting 28 to 14 nm nodes. Its new 12-inch wafer product line is a significant subproject of the National "910 Project." This is a major industrial and engineering program in Shanghai, which has been included in China’s 13th five-year integrated circuit industry major productivity plan.

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