Technical Gases Praxair Supplies Technical Gases to Total Refinery in Antwerp

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Praxair will supply Total's refinery and petrochemical operations in the Port of Antwerp with oxygen and nitrogen. For this purpose, the American gas specialist plans to significantly extend its pipeline network in Belgium.

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Antwerp is Europe's third biggest harbour and a mjor chemical hub.
Antwerp is Europe's third biggest harbour and a mjor chemical hub.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Antwerp/Belgium – Total, a global integrated energy producer and provider and leading international oil and gas company, is currently investing one billion euro in the port to upgrade its largest refining and petrochemicals platform in Europe. As a result, the company will require increased quantities of industrial gases for several applications in its refinery and petrochemical processes. Praxair is expanding its recently built oxygen pipeline an additional three miles to connect with Total’s refinery.

Praxair will also extend its nitrogen pipeline on the west bank of the river to efficiently serve existing and new petrochemical customers. Given the significant capacity and infrastructure investments made in the port over the past several years, there is growing demand in this region for nitrogen for blanketing and inerting of chemicals in storage. Praxair expects the oxygen and nitrogen pipeline supply to be operational in the second half of 2016.

“Our pipeline network expansion provides us the enhanced ability to efficiently and effectively meet the nitrogen and oxygen needs of companies in this growing chemical park,” said Frank Wegmann, managing director of Praxair Germany and Benelux. “Integrated petrochemical ports such as Antwerp remain highly competitive, continue to attract billions of dollars of investment and are positioned for growth for years to come.”

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