Nitrogen/Steel Production Praxair Constructs Nitrogen Plant for US Steel Producer

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Industrial gases specialist Praxair will construct a new nitrogen plant top support and iron processing plant in the US. Nitrogen is need to inert several production steps of the new and revolutionary iron nugget processing facility –the only one of its kind worldwide...

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Praxair will build a nitrogen plant for an US steel production from iron nuggets.
Praxair will build a nitrogen plant for an US steel production from iron nuggets.
(Picture: WIkimedia Commons)

Danbury, Connecticut/USA – Praxair announced today that it has signed a long-term contract with Mesabi Nugget LLC to construct and operate a new plant at Mesabi’s Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, iron nugget facility. The plant will supply nitrogen to provide an inert atmosphere for various aspects of the nugget production process, replacing previous liquid nitrogen supply.

“Praxair continues to make investments in Minnesota to maintain reliable supply to our customers and meet growing demand for product in the region. Our new plant will provide Mesabi Nugget with state-of-the-art on site supply, reliability and efficiency,” said Joe Abdoo, Praxair regional vice president.

Unique Steel Production from Iron Nuggets

Under the agreement, Praxair will build and operate the plant at Mesabi’s facility in Hoyt Lakes, which produces the world’s first and only iron nuggets that are pure enough to meet the pig iron specification for U.S. mini-mill steel production. The plant will produce approximately 50 tons per day of nitrogen and is scheduled to start-up by the end of 2012 to support the continued growing demand for iron nuggets.

“Praxair is bringing their gas and engineering expertise to our Aurora / Hoyt Lakes facility. In designing the plant, they centered their attention on the best way to achieve the long-term goals of our operation. We appreciate their focus on our success,” said Jeff Hansen, Plant Manager at Mesabi Nugget.

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