Water Treatment Praj’s Breakthrough Technology Helps to Resolve Textile Pollution

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Tirupur being a textile belt faced the crisis of severe pollution of water bodies due to discharge of coloured effluent from the bleaching and dyeing units. More than 600 bleaching and dyeing units remained closed for almost two years for want of a reliable solution

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Praj- The ZAD unit incorporated ine one of the CETPs
Praj- The ZAD unit incorporated ine one of the CETPs
(Picture: Praj)

Pune/India – Though various technologies were implemented, none could solve the groundwater pollution problem effectively. This extended the closure of textile dyeing clusters till the installation of the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) unit by Praj which has helped to build confidence for reopening of the textile units in compliance with the pollution norms.

The company has received their 2nd repeat order for ZLD application from the Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) based in the Tirupur textile belt. The first two orders were from Veerapandi Textile CETP and the 3rd one from Sirupooluvapatti CETP, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

Efficiency and Low Costs for Water Treatment Solutions

Furthermore, the company also bagged an order from Sirupooluvapatti CETP Limited for treatment of 5000 Kilo liters per day of effluent, making it the largest installation. It consists of 3 stage treatment including the ZLD system based on multi effect evaporation.

“The repeat orders show the faith of client in Praj’s technology and its commitment to the industry and society. Our Zero Liquid Discharge System is energy efficient with low maintenance cost and operates for a longer period between cleaning cycles. The salts recovered from the CETP plant is being re-used by the dyeing units, resulting into considerable savings in operating cost, annually.” said Executive Chairman, Praj Industries, PramodChaudhari.While the first Veerapandi order of 100 kilo liters per day was contracted in fiscal 2011–12, the repeat orders were contracted in end-fiscal 2012–13.

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