Association PPMAI Elects New Chairman

Editor: Dominik Stephan

India's plant and machinery engineers appoint new management: In the 49th AGM of Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) YS Trivedi, Executive Vice President & Member of Board of Larsen & Toubro, was unanimously elected as Chairman for the year 2013-2014...

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YS Trivedi, the new PPMAI chairman
YS Trivedi, the new PPMAI chairman
(Picture: PPMAI)

Mumbai/India - Thanking the Chairman, Mr Trivedi complemented the excellent work being carried out by the Secretariat. He further emphasized the important things, which need to be focused based on his exposure and perception. In the AGM, Managing Director, TUV India Pvt Ltd, Mr Anil Rairikar, and Country Head, Outokumpu India Pvt Ltd, Mr Yatinder Pal Singh Suri, were elected as Deputy Chairmen for the year 2013–14.

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