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Vacuum Pumps Powerful Roots Pumps for Low and Medium Vacuum Applications

Editor: Kristin Breunig

Electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces or freeze drying are just a few applications that can be realized with the new Roots pumps of the Hi Lobe series from Pfeiffer Vacuum.

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Due to the short pump-down times, the Hi Lobe Roots pumps are suitable for load-lock chambers or leak detection systems.
Due to the short pump-down times, the Hi Lobe Roots pumps are suitable for load-lock chambers or leak detection systems.
(Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum)

The pumps are of particular interest for fast evacuations, for example load-lock chambers or leak detection systems. Furthermore, they are suitable for use in coating applications. The compact Roots pumps offer a wide nominal pumping speed range of 520–2.100 m3/h. This is made possible through the new drive concept in conjunction with frequency converters. Thanks to their individual speed control, the pumps can be precisely tailored to customer-specific requirements. According to the company the Hi Lobe achieves approximately 20 percent shorter pump-down times than conventional Roots pumps.

Intelligent and Energy-Efficient

The maintenance and energy costs are >50 percent lower compared to conventional Roots pumps, states the manufacturer. The reason for this is a drive with energy efficiency class IE4 and the special rotor geometries of the pumps. The sealing concept also contributes to this. The pumps are hermetically sealed to the atmosphere and have a maximum integral leakage rate of 1 · 10-6 Pa m3/s. Dynamic seals are eliminated and, as a result, maintenance is only required every four years. The operation of the pumps is possible even at ambient temperatures of up to +40 °C with flexible air cooling, thus cost-intensive water cooling is unnecessary. The intelligent interface technology of the Hi Lobe allows good adaptation and monitoring of the processes. This facilitates anticipatory and efficient work. By integrating such condition monitoring, information about the condition of the vacuum system is always available. In addition, condition monitoring increases system availability allowing users to plan maintenance and repair measures in a useful and anticipatory way and prevent cost-intensive production downtimes. These advantages lead to a long service life and maximum operational safety, states the company. Depending on their suitability for the existing system, the vacuum pumps can either be aligned vertically or horizontally. This allows maximum pumping speed and a more customized and efficient use of space at the customer’s production site.