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At the press preview of the Powtech trade show in Nuremberg, GEA presented its know-how with a broad spectrum of technologies and solutions for processing solids and liquids for various industries and applications such as food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, etc. The company’s motto at the Powtech 2019 exhibition is ‘Powerful change’.

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The R55 Rotary press by GEA.
The R55 Rotary press by GEA.
(Source: GEA)

GEA’s R-series rotary tablet presses allow for extremely short cleaning, format changeover times and tool-free disassembly and reassembly of all removable parts. The R55 is an exceptionally versatile industrial rotary press for a wide range of powder product processing applications, including nuclear fuel pellets, hard metals, catalysts, automotive parts, batteries and confectionery, states the firm. The rotary press can be supplied with a number of optional features to improve and expedite the tablet production process and provide higher levels of control.

The company’s Hold-Up/Hold-Down system, in combination with an optimised die design, prevents tablet lamination or capping, and features such as die wall and punch face lubrication are designed to optimise tablet ejection, opines the firm. In addition, proprietary punch holders with bearings rolling on cams mean that ejection forces up to 10 kN can be tolerated. Steel, carbide and ceramic compression tools can be supplied as standard, but the customer is free to use a third-party source. GEA will provide the necessary tool drawings with the press.

The GEA SRS Vibration Sieve - Powder Processing at its Finest

The GEA SRS vibrating screen has been developed for milk and food applications that require hygienic processing to a high standard. It is available in closed and highly hygienic design, designed for continuous operation, has two vibration motors and can be equipped with different screen types and cleaning systems. The SRS vibrating screen is supplied with one or more large lids for easy access when cleaning, checking or changing the screen bottom. Cleaning-in-place (CIP) compatible versions are available on request.

The company offers a wide range of high quality screens which can be manufactured to exact dimensions and delivered at a short notice.

Supply of Turnkey Plant for Spray Drying of Lignosulfonate

The production of value-added products from renewable raw materials is one of Borregaard's core competencies. The firm is supplying the Norwegian company with a turnkey plant for the spray drying of lignosulfonate in the double-digit million range. The solution also includes a new silo for feeding stored powder materials into the plant's packaging system and a large wet scrubber for dust removal. The entire process solution will be installed at the Norwegian site in Sarpsborg. Commissioning is scheduled for mid-2019.

The NiSoX-Valve Solution

After the company had presented the homogenisation innovation NiSoX-Valve at Achema 2018, the results of the first field study will be available at the customer's premises in time for Powtech 2019. In the stress test of a real application, it was even possible to exceed the original laboratory results. The new NiSoX-Valve geometry optimises energy distribution during homogenisation, thereby reducing particle size and significantly improving the homogenisation effect, explains the firm.

Solutions for Flow Components at Powtech 2019

The organisation also announced for Powtech, the presentation of further solutions for applications in the field of flow components. In April ‘Hygia & Cleaner (HP2), GEA Hilge Contra, GEA Hilge Hygia (HP12) and the Vesta Tank Bottom Display will be shown.


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