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Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Dürr, Environmental and Energy Systems strengthens its market position in Italy. For the first time, a regenerative thermal oxidation system will be applied for purifying air in the Italian pharmaceutical industry.

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Pichture shows an installation of a RTO-plant. (Dürr; SchwarzPharma)
Pichture shows an installation of a RTO-plant. (Dürr; SchwarzPharma)

The company ERREGIERRE SpA will treat the exhaust gases coming from its manufacturing site located in Sovere with an EcopureRTO unit from Dürr completed with pre-treatment Scrubber and Flue gas scrubber (FGS).

Pollution control requirements in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry are complex. Only experienced and certified suppliers should be considered a system partner, as most industry internal processes have to meet high safety standards. Compliance with emission limits require customer-specific solutions, because the composition of the exhaust air is usually not homogeneous and often even explosive, corrosive or of varying concentrations.

Recently, Erregegierre, one of the leading Italian companies manufacturing active ingredients for pharmaceutical use, was faced with this compliance issue. As they need to renew the existing system, Erregierre ended up opting for Dürr pollution control technology. With its long lasting experience in solutions for corrosive and explosive exhaust flows, DÜRR proposed an RTO system appropriately modified.

The exhaust gases are coming from locally diluted suctions and nitrogen inverted vents from the batch reactors. In short periods, the hot gas by pass system of the RTO will be activated when the VOC load rises up.

Halogenated inorganic acids, such as HCl or HBr, can be present in the exhaust gas flows. This requires a scrubber pre-treatment which is completed with a venturi stage to remove any dust or inorganic salts. The RTO system is designed to be corrosion resistant complete with an FGS to purify the flue gases from the HCl resulting from the combustion of chlorinated organic compounds.

RTO systems designed for high VOC content and corrosion resistance are the best solution for processing such exhaust gases coming from chemical-pharmaceutical production.

Erregierre, very sensible to safety issues, has requested to properly provide safety systems against any dangerous situations such as flame arrestors and liquid seals.

In the future, regenerative oxidation technology will be inevitable in the pharmaceutical industry. Stricter emission and odor control requirements call for high-quality solutions. Simpler technologies are unable to meet the numerous requirements in many cases. On the basis of its diverse RTO technologies, Dürr is capable to customize an energy-efficient solution.