Sodium Chlorate in Brazil Pöyry Provides EPCM Services for Kemira Plant in Brazil

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Kemira has awarded Pöyry with assignments for EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) services for a sodium chlorate plant in Brazil. The proposed facility will provide feedstock to a nearby pulp mill.

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Pöyry awarded EPCM services assignments by Kemira for sodium chlorate plant in Brazil
Pöyry awarded EPCM services assignments by Kemira for sodium chlorate plant in Brazil
(Picture: PROCESS)

Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – The EPCM assignments relate to the new sodium chlorate plant that Kemira is building to serve the Brazilian markets, and in particular the plant will serve Klabin SA's new 1.5 million ton pulp mill. Sodium chlorate is used as a component in the bleaching process in the manufacturing of bleached pulp. The assignments follow on from the pre-studies performed by Pöyry during 2012-2014.The EPCM services started in May 2014 and are scheduled to last until the start-up of the sodium chlorate plant in the first half of 2016.

Pöyry Awarded EPCM Services Assignments

"We have selected Pöyry based upon their solid knowledge of process engineering combined with their proven experience and regional presence within Brazil", says Jarmo Savolainen, Project Manager, Kemira. "This project is a continuation of the strong partnership between Kemira and Pöyry, which I am pleased that we can strengthen in Latin America. It contributes to Pöyry's strategic position as an EPCM service provider for the global chemicals industry", says Kay Radtke, Head of Chemicals & Biorefining in Pöyry.

The value of the order is not disclosed. The project order includes two contracts, specifically, a contract for Engineering and Procurement services, which was recognised within the Industry Business Group's order stock in Q2; and a contract for Construction Management Services, which will be recognised within Pöyry's Regional Operations Latin America Business Line order stock in Q3.

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